Melt Pressure Controllers

Hand Held Digital Temperature Indicator

High Temperature Melt Pressure Gauge

Different Threads

Din Rail Mounting Power Supply

Double Phase SSR 50 Amps

Double Phase Ssr 90 Amps

Industrial Power Supplies

Approx Price: Rs 2,500 / Piece 
Applications :

  • Starters
  • Control Panels
  • Machine Control
  • Time Delay
  • Switching

Dydac Three Phase Thyristor Neutral


  •  Soft start –   bake out feature prevents moisture at start up
  • Current Limit , Phase Loss Trip, Over temperature Trip
  • Microprocessor Digital Programmable Thyristor Power Controller with Percentage Display. Program setting of Current Limit,  Soft start etc by front keys


  • Single Phase – 25 , 34, 59, 70, 90, 150, 200 , 250, 300 Amperes

Dydac Controls Thyristor  SCR Power Controllers |some typical applications:

  • Large tank heating and mechanical relay replacement.
  • Thermoforming, textiles, industrial furnaces and ovens, extruders, kilns, chemical process heating, fast water heat.
  • Paper and pulp drying, packaging machines, pharmaceutical processes, infrared ovens and dryers.
  • High-temperature ovens and furnaces, kilns, glass, ceramics & high-temperature alloys.
  • High-speed paper and ink dryers, high temperature IR heating, high temperature materials processing.
  • Primary of  transformer-coupled loads.
  •  Phase angle proportional control. No temperature or power cycling
  • I2T Rectifier fuses standard
  • Isolated SCR's
  • Integrated thermal/mechanical design saves panel space
  • Voltage protection - MOV capacitance
  • 10 to 400 Ampere current ratings. Other Ratings Over 400 Amps Possible.
  • Easy to install, test, service

Melt Pressure Controller

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